Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Islamic regime of Iran tops the world’s list on executions

‘Amnesty International’ released the news that the Islamic regime of Iran executed a total of 388 people - several of them below the age of 18 - during the course of last year, second only to China. But what is even more alarming and disturbing is of this 388, 112 of them were done in a period of only 8 weeks after the elections! Some of these, because the person has been seen holding stones or throwing stones at the armed-to-the-teeth security thugs who beat and fired at unarmed demonstrators!

This demonstrates the utter fear of a ruthless regime that finds itself extremely unpopular among its people. Not to mention its inability to shrink the gap between the government and the people, as well as its futile last gasps in resorting to extreme acts to push back its ever-growing antagonists and opposition.

Nowhere in the history of mankind have such ruthless regimes been able to sustain their dominance over the will of people and have succumbed eventually.

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