Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy birthday to a precious soul

Yesterday was Ashkan Sohrabi's birthday. Ashkan was one of the victims of the regime's violence in post election events. May his soul rest in peace.
Happy birthday Ashkan jan.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally we see some form of condemnation from Mr.s Mousavi and Karroubi for the recent despicable executions. But much like everything else in the movement, these "leaders" are a couple of steps slower than the movement and are as always lagging behind.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Silence on deplorable executions?

The dubious silence of the supposed "leaders" of the movement, Mr.s Mousavi, Karroubi and even Khatami with regards to the latest unlawful executions is absolutely objectionable and definitely reason for persuasion.

If such illegal acts by the regime are not countered at their onset, their later deeds shall become even more viscious and barbaric. In a system with scant regards for law, truth and justice, it is not beyond fathom that the afore-mentioned personalities may, one day, find their own circle not be immune to the noose.

Act now, or regret later.

Regime's paranoia deepening

Are they so afraid of the color green to actually resort to replacing the true colors of our flag??

For the second time in a row, the coup gov't has used the color blue for green in our national flag ... pushing the envelop of "pettiness" beyond realistic levels!!
Or is it a sign of desperation of a drowning man?

Repulsive remarks of hardline clerics

In the news: Jannati has commended and applauded the recent quick execution of the two men!!!

جنتی خطاب به رئیس قضا : رحم نکنید ؛ دو نفر را سریعا اعدام کردید ، دستتان درد نکند

امام جمعه موقت تهران با تجلیل از اعدام دو تن از متهمان حوادث اخیر، خواستار شدیدترین برخورد ها با آشوبگران شد

I dont know whether it is their utter fright of the impending events of 22 Bahman, or just a deeper disregard for human life that makes them state such offensive remarks. One would think by now the regime would have understood such barbaric acts not only do not frighten our people, but it reinforces their resolve and determination to rid our country of such attitude and viscious mindset.

But what is even more revolting a remark is by Mr. Hassani, supreme leader's representative in West Azerbaijan; demanding that the corpses of the executed men to be taken through the streets as a lesson to the public!!

حجت الاسلام غلامرضا حسني: جنازه های اعدام شدگان را در خیابانها بگردانید

One may wonder are these people looking to win the hearts and minds of the people or are they petty but viscious little men who understand only fear and nothing else.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I particularly enjoyed this little message from the people to the armed forces and security personel.
Hope you like it too:

and on a related topic;

... to demonstrate the disparity in dangers faced by each side and how each one faces and deals with it.

More doubts and revealing facts behind the unlawful executions

More information on the two executions;

1- Mr. Arash Rahmanipour's defense counsel, Ms. Nasrin Sotoodeh, as well as Alizamani’s, were not allowed to appear before the court, while Rahmanipour was coerced and forced to agree to the prosecution’s baseless accusation and allegations! Their demands for their defense counsel fell on deaf ears and as soon as they “confessed” to the allegations, they were executed summarily! Another of regime’s fear mongering tactics.

Neither of the victims’ families nor lawyers were contacted during the proceedings and the sentence. And the executions came as tremendous shock to them!

2- What’s more disturbing is that the prosecution for these two cases is no other than Saeid Mortazavi, who has since been found involved in Kahrizak prison crimes and is under investigation for the post election prisoner abuse!

Execution of two martyrs

With a deep sense of regret and sadness we witnessed yet another set of executions by the illegitimate gov’t of Iran. The two martyrs, Mr. Alizamani and Mr. Rahmanipour have left us in a long series of unjust and barbaric execution by the regime.

But what is most interesting is, while they have been accused of having connections to and led by various outside groups like Mojahedin or Monarchists to incite unrest and disrupt as well as conduct a war against Islam in the post election demonstrations, in reality both of these two men have been in jail during the said demonstrations.

1- Mr. Alizamani, according to his sister, was arrested by the authorities two whole months prior to the elections


2- Mr. Rahmanipour was jailed back in April of 2009 (or Farvardin of 1388).

Now, how can the two men be not only in contact with the said outside groups and attend the post election demonstrations WHILE they were behind the regime’s bars is something that no one in this regime will answer or acknowledge!

Karroubi's comments' controversy

Let me put many people's minds at rest over the issue of Mr. Karroubi's comments on Ahmadinejad's (AN) presidency and how the semi-gov't news agency, Fars News (more like "Farce News") distorted his remarks to suit the ultra conservatives.

Mr. Karroubi, quite rightfully did set the record straight and vehemently announced his stance against AN's illegitimate usurpation of power. He only pointed out to the fact that these usurpers, illegitimate as they are, have been favored by Mr. Khamenei, are selected and placed at the helm, still have a country’s needs to attend to. And that they cannot shirk away from the disastrous economy or burgeoning unemployment and many other woes on the rise in the nation.

Mr. Karroubi maintained his pledge to stand by the people and defend their rights at all cost.

Iran is on the threshold of another historic show of a nation's will and quest for freedom, but with a difference that this time, unlike the last, the people not only know what they dont want, but also what they seek and want.
This awareness sets this movement apart from its predecessor that holds great promise for a bright and democratic future.
Our aim is to bring you upto date on all the events, information, insight and trivia related to this momentous freedom movement. Naturally, we expect to hear from you and your comments and opinion. Be they aligned with the movement or otherwise. As it should be in a democratic atmosphere.
Thank you
The last straw that finally broke the camel's back;

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