Thursday, January 28, 2010

Execution of two martyrs

With a deep sense of regret and sadness we witnessed yet another set of executions by the illegitimate gov’t of Iran. The two martyrs, Mr. Alizamani and Mr. Rahmanipour have left us in a long series of unjust and barbaric execution by the regime.

But what is most interesting is, while they have been accused of having connections to and led by various outside groups like Mojahedin or Monarchists to incite unrest and disrupt as well as conduct a war against Islam in the post election demonstrations, in reality both of these two men have been in jail during the said demonstrations.

1- Mr. Alizamani, according to his sister, was arrested by the authorities two whole months prior to the elections


2- Mr. Rahmanipour was jailed back in April of 2009 (or Farvardin of 1388).

Now, how can the two men be not only in contact with the said outside groups and attend the post election demonstrations WHILE they were behind the regime’s bars is something that no one in this regime will answer or acknowledge!

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