Thursday, January 28, 2010

More doubts and revealing facts behind the unlawful executions

More information on the two executions;

1- Mr. Arash Rahmanipour's defense counsel, Ms. Nasrin Sotoodeh, as well as Alizamani’s, were not allowed to appear before the court, while Rahmanipour was coerced and forced to agree to the prosecution’s baseless accusation and allegations! Their demands for their defense counsel fell on deaf ears and as soon as they “confessed” to the allegations, they were executed summarily! Another of regime’s fear mongering tactics.

Neither of the victims’ families nor lawyers were contacted during the proceedings and the sentence. And the executions came as tremendous shock to them!

2- What’s more disturbing is that the prosecution for these two cases is no other than Saeid Mortazavi, who has since been found involved in Kahrizak prison crimes and is under investigation for the post election prisoner abuse!

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