Monday, January 3, 2011

Shahram Amiri's case got more curious

Remember this man who had a difficult time deciding whether he was abducted by American super-spies or he had just plain visited the United States to further his education in a university? And eventually he landed in Iran sticking to the former theory (after much oscillation, of course) and proposing an escape scenario that would befit only the best 007 movie plots, single handedly outsmarting hordes of trained American and Israeli super spies and intelligence agents?

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Yes, that fellow. The same person who, on his arrival in Tehran’s airport, was hailed as a true nationalism hero who bested the best of the west. According to some reports he now languishes in a prison in Iran! Having become a pawn in the hands of the fractious regime with one side using him and personalities like him as an instrument to hurt or discredit the other factions of the dictatorial regime. God only can help this poor soul who became a tool for a set of people with utter disregard for truth or humanity.

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