Saturday, February 12, 2011

The infamous "cake & sandis" package given by the government to those basijis and poor people as bribe to attend the 22 Bahman rally.

The amounts and the variety of the goods used as bribe is indicative of how weak and unpopular the regime is among its people and to what extents it has to stretch its resources to be able to gather some  20-30  thousand people for its government celebrations!

It also indicates that a large swat of the government's support mass is easily swayed with the slightest bit of favors and would readily drop and change their loyalty in favor of the highest bidder. But the most important conlcusion is that 30 years of constant ideological brain washing through various means, has resulted in very little impact and sway on the true belief and conscience of Iran's population ... that more than 3 decades of effort to transform the population of Iran into a homogenous and ideologically backward identity has failed.

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