Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday, a monumental event occurred which bears great impact on the region as well as the possible future of Iran. The United States joined by 30 other nations moved to recognize the Lybian opposition groups as the legitimate government representing the people of Libya.

This, effectively rules out any claims Moamar Gaddafi may make on continuing as the Libyan president. This is yet another step, even if it has come after a long while and has come in painfully gradual manner, in the right direction and in service of the cause of human rights and preserving the peoples' dignity and will.


  1. I am afraid I cannot agree - monumental yes, favorable, not sure. That Gaddafi is a dictator is understood, that he is an undesirable is clear. However we reduce ourselves to the law of the jungle when we authorize arbitrary interventions like these - in Libya Ok becoz of oil, in Darfur not ok, who cares, in Rwanda, dunno - this is neither consistent nor fair - purportedly the very thing it seeks to uphold. We do have a world body that needs to step in on humanitarian grounds - it's called the UN. Strenghten the UN on humunitarian causes, political actions and consequences are shifting sands.

  2. You are absolutely right on the need for consistency. If for nothing else, at least to show to the world there is no bias or ulterior motives among the UN security council.