Monday, March 25, 2013

A desperate regime

Is the regime getting more desperate as they see the noose tighten around their necks? With the increase in pressures from sanctions becoming a bane of the regime's existence, at least economically, and the newfound hope among the people with the beginning of a strong and popular National Council (Shora Melli) which has Reza Pahlavi's endorsement and perhaps a realization that the regime may be too far from achieving their goal of finally possessing a nuclear weapon, its top echelons especially Seyed Ali Khamenei have become more belligerent and agnostic in their approach and speech. This new aggression and abrasiveness was seen in his threatening words towards Israel and talk of demolition of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

One may see this as foolish saber rattling given the disparity in Iran's military capacity and Israel's (and by default, at the very least American, if not NATO's or some sort of allied forces). But we must not forget the regime sees a great opportunity in creating a war where not only it hopes to rally some support from Iranians but also a chance to use this as a way to cleanse their ranks of unsavory people such as Ahmadinejad's faction or those who may support even a slight deviation from their path. The bonus would be an excuse to insist the miserable economy is not the result of not only sanctions but also war, to the less informed populace mostly in rural areas of the country.

This reckless and destructive tendency to freely threaten our territorial integrity and well being of Iranians only to sustain their regime a few months more, and basically risking nearly everything in Iran in the process is nothing new. But the fear arises from the increasing chances of such conflicts actually coming to pass. This may be pre-empted and a war date may be advanced by a very reckless behavior and action by the more ideological and hardline factions among Sepah (IRGC) and perhaps Khamenei himself.

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