Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jannati and the Islamic regime's Hubris

One of the most hardline clerics in the Islamic regime, Ayatollah Jannati, unwittingly provides a major weapon against Khamenei and perhaps more fundamental pillars of the regime.

In yet another act in the ever increasing series of miscalculations by the regime’s top brass, Ayatollah Jannati may have granted a fresh opening to attack the system and hurt its standing among the shrinking supporting populace.

Jannati, a close ally of Khamenei for many years, is also the head of Iran’s most powerful institutions, the Guardian Council, a constitutional and electoral watchdog that screens candidates for national elections, and is by any standard, considered as one of the top 5 personalities of this regime. He is also known for his rabid views on suppression and crackdown on the anti-government and pro-democracy protestors, calling for their mass executions with no remorse or delay!

It was late July when Jannati claimed he is in possession of ample evidence that the so called leaders of the green movement, Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami have been on the pay-roll of the United States by receiving an initial down-payment of $1 Billion, through some Saudi channels to incite the unrest and turmoil and a promise of another $50 Billion when they eventually topple the Islamic regime! Perhaps Jannati was under the old illusion that persisted in Iran for the past 30 years where you can label or accuse anyone of any crime without the need of an iota of evidence. This tool was used on countless occasions for the purpose of removal of opponents and rivals in the regime. But the events of the past year have rendered many such tools useless or open to public debate.

Now, in an act of defiance by many in the freedom movement, Jannati, who belongs to the top echelon of the Islamic regime is being publicly ridiculed, something that a couple of years ago would have been unheard of. This is a testament that this fear-mongering regime is rapidly losing its tools of control that are basically built on fear and threats as well as unaccountability of its officials. This also demonstrates a challenge to Khamenei’s authority, which was aimed to be absolute given his title as the supreme leader. Another very crucial barrier broken through.

The strongest statement was issued by Mr. Karroubi, who openly challenged Jannati and explicitly demanded for disclosure of the claimed evidence and failure to do so only should mean Jannati is not only incompetent to hold such vital office, but also is accused of false libel and deceit which is not looked very kindly in the tenets of Islam. Following Karroubi’s full-on attack, Mousavi and a few other personalities have come forth and basically demanded the same. And as days have gone by, there is more chatter on the subject from more individuals, from officials to regular bloggers.

By persisting on their demand for evidence, they will drive the dagger even deeper into the body of the regime, as it only exposes more deception and falsehood, corruption and abuse of power that has formed the regime’s bulk. Not to mention its implicit effect in undermining of Khamenei, himself and his judgment.

Jannati’s Hubris complex has handed a great weapon to the opposition to deal severe and irreparable damage to the regime’s structure. But the attacks should be relentless and precise. Will the opposition cease on this opportunity to gain some of its lost momentum? In my opinion, the only individual capable to deliver this is Mr. Karroubi who has shown great bravery in the face of tremendous adversity, despite being a clergy himself. Mousavi, however, has been somewhat of a let down as he has limited himself to merely issuing statements once in a while. As for Khatami, … well, I wont hold my breath to see anything strong or half direct issued from his side. But aside from Karroubi, there are many others who have the spine to push forth, Like Mr. Saharkhiz, Tajzadeh and many others whose boldness and bravery has been proven time and again.

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