Monday, August 16, 2010

Like president, like minister

This news-piece was simply too juicy, if you will, to resist. Ahmadinejad’s embattled vice president, Mohamad-Reza Rahimi, already under attack from many factions inside Iran for massive embezzlement, financial corruption and misuse of power, not to mention his role in the election-coup, has got himself into yet another soup!
In a conference on education, Rahimi made a series of derogatory remarks against the British people, by calling them “inhuman idiots led by a stupid Prime Minister, David Cameron”.

But the Brits were not the only recipients of his ire, as his verbal incendiary was sprayed widely towards any nation that signed the United Nations sanctions against Iran’s nuclear ambitions in the form of calling the Australians as “a bunch of cattlemen” and the South Koreans “in need of being slapped”!

While the British ambassador may have been affronted by this language and attitude, my belief is it should have come as no surprise. When the president, albeit the illegitimate one, of the regime uses the form of low and base language which only appeals to the select uneducated and ill-cultured sects of society sees no reprimand for it and with each passing speech, his turn of phrase and terminology sinks lower and lower, when the head of Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani and his other brother, the head of Majlis, Ali Larijani resort to highly dubious phraseology and adjectives in describing any opposition from the outside world, not to mention the various commanders of the dreaded Revolutionary Guards corp, without being forced to retract or sanitize their comments, it should have come as no surprise to anyone that more and more IR officials reveal their true origins and nature.

This tragic comedy, only highlights the depth of suffering and pain that the Iranians, within and without Iran have endured for the past three decades under the rule of such vile minority.

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