Saturday, November 27, 2010

Managing natural disasters the Islamic way?

In the news an agreement has been signed with Iran’s seminary center (Howze Elmiyeh) to “reduce” natural disasters!

(click on the image for larger view)

Yes, you read it right. “To reduce natural disasters”, the government is joining hands with several seminary centers in Qom, Mashad, Isfahan, Shiraz, …, to rein in ‘immorality’ among Iranians, which according to them, is the source and cause of all the natural disasters afflicting Iran. Immorality like women not following the Hejab dictates!

While this may seem extremely funny to the general educated fellow at first glance, but underneath, it carries a frightening message that such garbage is printed because there ARE people who read and believe it!

That's the most frightening and at the same time, depressing part of this ... that even in 21st century, we still have a section of our population intellectually challenged enough to believe this religious hocus pocus!!!

Depressing as hell!!

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