Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Iran's students roar once again

The Islamic regime, in the midst of its struggles to cope with crippling sanctions and its cat & mouse game with the international community over its nuclear ambitions, suddenly received a hard slap in the face by the valiant student movement yesterday. The regime that had little regard for the underground freedom movement and was preoccupied with their customary international policy of diversions and deflections, did not expect the coordinated effort by Iranian students in various universities who held protests and rallies, shouted slogans against the government and the dictatorship, vowed their support for the freedom movement’s leaders and political prisoners. In other words, this was a major show of force to those who naively thought the freedom movement had run out of steam and finally, the barbarism of the regime had prevailed.

With the ominous news of removal of subsidies and the resultant inflation, it is but natural to expect even more troubles for the ailing government and a more wide-spread social resistance by the people who will, once again, join in the students’ freedom movement.

2011 may turn out to be a surprisingly dreadful year for the oppressive mullahs in Iran.

Here are but a few of the many clips from several cities like Tehran (multiple universities like Shariff, Elm & Sanaat, Amir Kabir, ...), Qazvin, Zahedan, Hamedan, Babol, ... etc.:

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