Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More cloak and dagger offensives from Israel

Few Israeli officials’ recent claims and even tepid statements with regards to Iran’s present nuclear capability and its future threat served to surprise many in the Middle East and the world for that matter. It was indeed such a sudden pivot from the more hardline, dogged offensive stance they have taken in the past few years. For example a Israeli military top brass claiming Israel should not be too worried about Iran’s capability came as a shock to pundits who were used to the contrary views coming out of Israel, always making too much of a little matter. But the new revelation that a newer, more dangerous and sophisticated virus has been unleashed mainly on Iran, which has been gathering info and data since 2010 just puts all the sudden “change of heart” into a new perspective.

The virus, known as “Flame” is found to be extremely complex and sophisticated that narrows its creation to only less than a handful of countries, one of which is Israel.

Therefore, inspite of contradictory statements, some shouted, some merely whispered from Israel, it can be safely assumed that they are hard at work at delaying and interrupting the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions ... albeit clandestinely and through covert ops. This may not be a bad news for the Iranian population (and not very good for the regime) as such covert actions serve to delay the more threatening and dangerous option of going to war which would mean human casualties. 

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