Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Iran's state run and state controlled TV station, IRIB, announced the result of a poll conducted among the people of Iran on the subject of the regime's nuclear program. The surprising thing (depending on which side you belong to) is they actually pronounced an overwhelming majority of people (about 63%. More on this later) did not want the continuation of the nuclear program. That was surprising if one had followed the lies and false claims of the very same media on the popularity of the program among the common folk.

But given the start of the more severe sanctions on Iran's oil by the European Union and a few other states by July First that has led to drastic cuts in purchase of Iranian oil as well as insuring of its oil and oil tankers by several countries, like India and even China, one may not be as surprised to see the regime buckle and make a desperate attempt to fabricate an excuse to give in and surrender to the will of the international community and stop its nuclear ambitions. It would have been a great loss of face if they revealed the truth that these sanctions are and will be breaking the back of Iran's economy and that is reason enough for them to give up enrichment of Uranium plans. So they resort to the more immature tact of fabricating a popular poll among the citizens who made the decision to force the government to give in and stop the process.

This sheds light on the severe impact the sanctions are having on the revenues of the regime. In recent days several high ranking clergy and officials, including the supreme leader, Khamenei, have tried to distract and divert the blame for Iran's crumbling economy and its currency in free-fall (Dollar breached another barrier of 2060 Toomans!) on the evil western machinery that is the cause of all the economic misery in Iran. Certainly not their own incompetence or disastrous policies on import and its impact on indigenous industry and agriculture! So now they are scrambling to divert the blame on all and sundry because they know when we feel the full impact of the new sanctions, people may not be in mood to listen to excuses or propaganda.

On the issue of regime's love for "63%":
What is this love and insistence on the number 63 by the regime? Cant they come up with another number? It seems this number appeals to them as a legitimate and convincing enough to show support of people for their decisions, elections, ...! What, a number lower than 63 like 60 does not convey enough support of the people and 67 may be too much of a gamble and may expose their zeal in fabrication?

Ahmadinejad was supposed to have received about 63% of the people's votes. Something that a very large majority of people had problem accepting and a number that was talked about weeks BEFORE the start of those elections!

Next was the parliamentary elections which was generally boycotted by the people (fresh from their wounds inflicted from the recent presidential farse of an election), that never held the IRIB or the government back in claiming about 63% participation by the people. Something that they translate as popular support of the people for the system!

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