Thursday, July 12, 2012

Regime change or free elections?

The matter of “free elections” versus “regime change” has been circulating heavily among various opposition groups. I believe the matter of regime change is quite clear and self-explanatory. However the doubts arise when we talk about “free elections” in the Islamic republic under the control of Khamenei and his death-squad, IRGC. The proponents of free elections bring talking points such as observation and conduction of these elections by an impartial international body like the United Nations, permission for creation and campaign of political parties and so on and so forth. They claim in such a situation, the outcome will only lead to dissolution of the present regime … therefore it is necessary to keep any talk of regime change out of any dialogue.  In other words, a soft or velvet revolution amidst the present regime where through popular vote and will it makes way for a democratic government.

But what one claims based on a hypothesis is one thing, actual past experience and practicality of the issue is a whole different bowl of soup altogether. Countless elections in the past 33 years only point to one thing which is the regime’s incapacity and unwillingness to cede control to the people of Iran. From the way it conducts the process of election to the method of vote count and further announcements, all prove this fact. But this is besides the clinching point that such a regime that doesn’t hesitate to resort to murder and torture of any voice of dissent or call for minimal freedom and sees its survival only through spread of fear and violence at any cost will never accept to place its fate and existence on a process “free election”, especially if conducted by an international body, where it knows the result would mean its demise.

How are these “reformists” planning to convince the likes of Khamenei to agree to such a fate that only leads to his fall and end of his beloved Islamic Republic? Surely these “intelligent” minds of the reformist camp have considered this matter, given their background of being a part of this regime for many years and decades. Surely they are privy of how desperately the regime has clung to power and what extents it is willing to go in order to retain this seat of power and survive. What is their plan in cajoling a murderer to not only surrender, but also open himself up for punishment for decades of crime?

Therefore, while the talk of “free election” is a very attractive and civilized prospect, at least on paper, unfortunately reality tells a very different tale. Chances are the Mullahs in Iran will vehemently resist and refuse to allow even a glimmer of hope for change in the political and social structure of Iran and outright refuse to allow such an election to take place. What then? What is the plan-B of the reformists to find a way out of this misery for the people of Iran? Wait and see? Again? Just as they did during Khatami's era? Therefore allow more time for these parasites to extract as much life and resources out of Iran and Iranians?

Are they not aware their irrational insistence on an impossibility only feeds into the division of the opposition forces and the only winner in this is the criminal regime in Iran?

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