Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who is in for a treat at the UN Assembly?

The upcoming visit of “doctor, professor, president” (!!) Ahmadinejad will be accompanied with as much media hoopla as it has been done before, with plenty of interviews pre-arranged by the Iranian officials with as many media outlets as possible. He, like last year, will attempt to exploit this opportunity to attract even more attention to himself and divert from the real issues that are plaguing Iran at the moment. Akin to last year, he has already prepared a backdrop of issues that will serve his purpose, mainly the release of Sara Shourd, which ironically didn’t go as he planned and his scheme fell flat on its face. And we should not forget the perennial matter of Iran’s nuclear program and the hundreds of talking points attached to it.

But I believe he is in for a treat this time around and we will not experience the absolute torture of watching how experienced journalists like Curic, Sawyer and King fumble through their interviews, get flustered and frustrated, and basically drop the ball and fail to pin anything on him whatsoever. This year I believe we may not see the more aware viewers punch their walls, slam their desks or put their feet through their televisions in exasperation as they watched these journalists struggle and fail to divert the interviews to more meaningful, real and lethal issues that would leave him stumped.

This year, in a preemptive move, the organization of Iran Human Rights has prepared a guide book for all those fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to sit with the little dictator, addressing those issues that have better traction with people and more importantly, those that this illegitimate “president” cannot weasel out of answering or lie about. Although I am sure his staff will have taken the necessary precautions of warning and restricting the interviewers to certain topics of discussion, as well as plenty of advisors on call, real time to assist with any deflections, distractions and downright falsifying he needs. Nevertheless, this guideline is a major step in the right direction that hopes to reveal the true nature of this regime beyond its charade of lies and deceit and more significantly its absolutely terrifying abuse of human rights.

You can view or download this guideline booklet below:

Amidst all the issues stated in the booklet, I would love to see Ahmadinejad persistently pushed to comment on the ever widening rift between his faction and that of Khamenei. The more the interviewer pushes him to comment on it, backed by enough evidence of this divide, the more Ahmadinejad will be forced to take a stance. Knowing his ambitious character who thrives to paint a bigger, more significant picture of himself to the world outside Iran, he will be put in a position to either forgo his nature or take swings at Khamenei, albeit camouflaged and veiled ones.

This only helps drive the wedge even deeper and perhaps prepare for more factional skirmishes back at home, which eventually helps the freedom movement in Iran.

Ahmadinejad also has other matters to look forward too, at the UN General assembly. Such as staring at even more empty seats during his speech, which I presume will be a rehash of the old ones, denouncing one and all in the west, claiming a new world order, and sounding even more caring for Palestinians than the Palestinians themselves!

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