Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fear tactics or acts out of fear?

The regime despite what they want the international community to believe, is extremely fearful of the opposition movement.

Government sanctioned hooliganism. Arsen and destruction of property. Religious mob threatening the lives of a political personality and his family members. All this may resemble a cheasey movie trailer in an post apocalyptic era where people ran amok bearing guns. Except this is the reality in Iran under the illegitimate Islamic regime.

Fear tactics have been routinely used by this regime to oppress the ever growing masses of opposition and they pride themselves of this ability. But a closer look at the events of past months shows a different side to this notion. It shed light on a ruling class that is riddled with fear of its own people, frightened of any voice of dissent and psychologically paralyzed to the extent that has made it incapable of closing any rift, solving any problem and looking more and more desperate in its measures to cling onto its seat of power by any means possible. It is here that we witness the treatment meted out to the very religious sects and personalities under Khamenei’s rule is unparalleled even during shah’s and his father, Reza shah’s time. Imprisonment, torture, murder of religious opposition was almost non-existent during the late monarch’s rule and yet under Khamenei, it is a regular occurrence.

They may have wanted their feeble minority of supporters to believe they have successfully squashed the freedom movement within Iran. But their reactions to any hint of opposition gathering or move has been to let loose their paid mercenaries and thugs, the now infamous plainclothes militia who carry out the dirty tasks of the power factions with impunity. The regime’s fear is confirmed when at the slightest hint of a rally, they spend obscene amount of money to hire and mobilize thousands of their militia and other security forces, spread throughout the city, days before a possible event, to make their presence felt. To an intelligent observer this only shows the utter fright of a government that has long lost its support among the people.

What took place at the resident of Mehdi Karroubi, a close associate of the late founder of the revolution, Rouhollah Khomeini is another sign of this inhuman ruling establishment’s fright and insecurity. Days before the Qods day, hordes of plainclothes militia and basij, carrying guns and tear gas gathered in front of Karroubi’s home and did everything possible to intimidate Karroubi, his family and ironically his neighbors. All in response to Karroubi’s statement that he would take to the streets and voice his allegiance to the peoples’ rights and demands. They broke every window in the apartment, threw paint on the walls and wrote derogatory comments about Karroubi and his family, threw tear gas into the complex, cut off the electricity (with the help of the city electricity board), even set fire to the entrance of the apartments and shot live rounds. All this while the police and security forces were seen to be merely bystanders and audience to this ugly show of organized thugery, while chants of support for their leader, Khamenei filled the air. This disgraceful display of barbarism continued for several days with promises of more to come by the chanting hooligans.


The freedom movement on its last legs? I think not, my friend. We have just begun and the fright seen in the regime’s actions and decisions clearly proves which side is on the losing streak.

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