Friday, June 17, 2011

Former Maldives foreign minister is UN's investogator to Iran

Maldives former foreign minster, Mr. Ahmad Shaheeb has been appointed as United Nation’s Human Rights Commission representative and investogator to Iran. It is a wise decision as he is first and foremost a muslim, which will automatically deny the Iranian government their usual excuse of “westerners” being unfamiliar and opposing eastern and Islamic values.

On earlier occasions, the Iranian officials had brought up plethora of excuses for their non-compliance with these representatives, whose mostly western origin was exploited. Therefore, in a preemptive act by the Iranian human rights activists, proposing a muslim male who is an easterner is nothing short of a coup.

And what is a promising turn of events is that he is authorized to gather information and present the case whether he is permitted to enter the country or not, through families, relatives and friends’ accounts of those who have been victims of human rights abuse by the regime. So the crimes and atrocities of Khamenei’s regime will be documented irrespective of compliance by the government and there is no way that this can be stopped.

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