Monday, June 13, 2011

Yesterday saw a show of defiance by the people, despite the regime’s efforts at decapitating the opposition through various nefarious means, starting with imprisoning the prominent figures of the opposition, Karoubi and Mousavi along with their family, to closing all the opposition newspapers and websites and pretty much every route for spread of information, to intimidation, imprisonment, torture, and murder of the activists, journalists and even ordinary folk who dared make a stand against the ruling theocracy.

There is absolutely no way to measure the numbers as this was supposed to have been a silent protest. But given the regime’s frightened tactics of flooding the streets with thugs and security forces, while other basiji thugs on motorcycle roaming the streets shouting and screaming at people, only shows the depth of its fear of the opposition. According to the NBC reports there were tens of thousands gathered in several venues, among which Vanak Square and ValiAssr Circle saw more action. There were reports of several arrests by the security apparatus, the numbers of which we don’t know yet and given the regime’s track record, may never know.

The video evidence may take a few days to leak out of Iran due to the govt’s strict control of the internet and its band width. Not to mention hacking of people’s personal accounts and emails by the hired goons (including some Chinese and Russians hackers) calling themselves “Iranian Cyber Army” makes dispatch of information and video clips more difficult and dangerous. But what can be understood in all this is that the people showed their defiance despite 2 years of constant life threatening measures taken by the regime. That, by itself, ought to demonstrate the level of antagonism prevailing among the people against this tyrannical regime.

Meanwhile, some of the opposition figureheads have announced the following demonstrations and protests will not be as silent. So while the government lackeys desperately tried to sell the idea that the opposition is dead, it showed it is still thriving, albeit underground, and will make its presence known in more ways than only hitting the streets.

Elsewhere, Hoda saber, an imprisoned journalist, on 8th day of his hunger strike, passed away. He was reported to have been beaten and injured by plain-clothed intelligence ministry personnel and his cries of help were heard by others in the hospital.

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