Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Youtube and Facebook revolution

These days we hear a lot about the events in Syria with the people’s uprising and Syria’s and Lybia’s news fill the air with every broadcast agency covering all aspects of the peoples’ struggle. Very similar to the Egypt uprising with 24 hour coverage by some news agencies like Al-Jazeera. This 24 hour coverage helps the people’s cause tremendously as it keeps the focus on the issue, therefore forces the international community to take action. Something that was missing when Iran and Iranians went through the same motions 2 years back during the election fraud.

However, the dissimilarities don’t stop there. These days we hear a lot about Syria introducing the “Youtube revolution”. Much like when we heard the “Facebook revolution” during the Egyptian revolt. Really? Surely the western news agencies can remember 2 years prior to these events when Iranians introduced the use of social media, particularly the Facebook and Twitter in service of spreading information, coordination of groups and informing of the occurrences when the Iranian government severely restricted the coverage of the events and banned any foreign media to be present and bring the voice of our people to the rest of the world. It was the very same Iranian, back in June 2009 when they made use of Youtube to relay clips recorded by their personal cell phones of the atrocities and crimes of the Iranian security forces and Basij militia.

Yes, the only difference is the amount of attention the western and international media is giving to the Syrian and Egyptian and other revolts because there are foreign media on the ground covering news as they happen. But surely they can be fair and acknowledge the true introduction of Youtube or Facebook revolutions.

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