Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Awaken the world media to the regime's tactics

I believe we, living outside Iran, can play a MAJOR ROLE in helping the movement inside. Such opportunities dont come that often and we MUST capitalize on this opportunity.

1- We know there will be many foreign news agencies invited for the iri's charade for the 22 Bahman.

2- We know the regime will try to cordon off some areas to keep away the anti-gov’t masses and keep a highly doctored and sanitized area for their thugs and bought tools to show some semblance of mass support for the world media.

I doubt the foreign press would be allowed to venture outside the cordoned areas. But when we PREEMPT (key issue) the regime and PREPARE the world media, then in the end reports a more true picture will be painted. What we can do in the RUN UP to this date is inform the world media of iri tactics of buying people and limiting the coverage to their meager crowds, with news, articles, evidence in pictures, videos, ... of their usual tactic. Thus, the truth can be reflected in the world coverage of the events, aware of a much larger segment of population that has been kept away.

If we dont do this, I am sure with regime's charade, the world will be denied of the truth and fooled into thinking the movement is quelled and/or the supporters of iri are numerous. On previous protests, we have been REACTIONARY. We have always come in LATE and tried to "correct the skewed view" of the world media by spreading the videos and news ... (often a couple of days late) to dispel iri's propaganda and doctored picture.

Let us be PRO-ACTIVE this time and take the upper hand.
Let us be a step AHEAD of the game and PREPARE the world opinion.

Here is a very useful list of the prestigious world press and media contact that can be used in this line;

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