Monday, February 22, 2010

Sadistic attack on Tehran University revealed

"Shock and Awe", Islamic republic style, as after months a newly leaked clip, recorded professionally by one of the security personnel, is making the rounds on the net revealing the sadistic and brutal attack of the government’s security forces combined with the basij & plain-clothed militia and their repulsive treatment of the university students.
Ironic that a day after the event, everyone in the regime tried to blame this on anyone and anything possible. From outright denial to Khamenei’s ridiculous claim that the attack was carried out by persons ‘unknown’ and unrelated to the regime to the even more incredulous claim by the judiciary that those responsible were the minions of “foreign powers”!!!!
Seeing this amount of angst and violence, one may wonder what lies have been fed to these goons to behave like rabid animals and treat their own people with such ferocity and hatred.
Warning: Beware, the level of sadism and cruelty shown by the uniformed forces may shock some of you.

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