Friday, February 19, 2010

War, a divine blessing?

In a recent statement Ahmadinejad, boasted IR, having upgraded their Uranium enrichment from 3% to 20%, is now capable of producing nuclear weapons’ grade. This was met with a flurry of counter statements from the western nations, who now are even more determined to oppose IR’s roguish behavior.

Now, aside from the matter of how reliable AN’s boasts are, especially on the matter of more than 80% enrichment capability, judging by IR’s incapability to maintain the simplest of technology like airplanes and oil refinery, it is an immense cause of worry for the population of Iran. But the Islamic regime has proven on countless occasions that it cares very little for what happens to the people of Iran and it has a far wider design on the region and the Islamic world, where it is ready to pay the price for its adventurism with Iranian population’s life!

But why the announcement? Khomeini once said “War is the divine blessing” on the impact of Iran-Iraq war, which created enough excuse for a failing economy and political system to hide behind the war and all its ill effects on a country. What’s holding the ultra-fundamentalists like AN and Khamenei from diverting the ire of a people facing severe bankruptcy and poverty towards the western powers by provoking them into yet another tragic war?

A cover for their disastrous mismanagement of the government and economy is plenty of reason for such an evil government. But the icing on the cake could well be the inherent Iranian mentality of coming together and putting personal differences aside in face of any invasion by a foreign force. Thereby taking away the momentum of the freedom movement and the people’s diverted attention enabling them to crack down even more mercilessly (if that is possible) on its antagonists in the country.

This illegitimate regime has been itching for a confrontation with a foreign power ever since the election. Conducting two separate military maneuvers, repeated testing of medium and long range missiles, abducting foreign nationals (3 British sailors, jailing the French tutor, imprisoning the 3 American tourists for more than 200 days) and using the most incendiary and provocative language like blocking the strait of Hormuz all point to this perverted desire of the regime to manufacture a conflict.

Indeed a war would be a divine blessing for this blood thirsty regime. The most crucial issue is if the international community is wise enough to not take the bait.

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