Saturday, February 6, 2010

West losing patience with IRI delay tactics

Iran’s foreign minister, Manuchehr Mottaki, attending the Munich Security Conference, in an attempt to distract the world media and attention from the ongoing blatant abuse of human rights in Iran, brought up the regime’s sudden leniency on the exchange of nuclear fuel. An 180 degree turn-around on the very topic that Ahmadinejad and his illegitimate government deemed unacceptable a while ago!

This obviously smacks of the tried and tested tactic of the regime in distraction and aversion of the world attention from the horrid crimes and oppression that is carried out in Iran against its own people. The timing of this turn-around is quite interesting as we move closer to the 22 Bahman, the anniversary of the 1979 revolt, and all the excitement with regards to the opposition’s chance to show the world their refusal to die or bow down to the regime’s ruthless, fascistic acts of arrests, imprisonment, and even baseless execution of any who merely demanded basic freedoms.

So I suppose Mottaki may have had other ideas, but it is evident that the west is losing patience with IRI’s delay tactics and pressed the foreign minister on the regime’s aggression towards its people and the illegal executions by members of the audience as well as other European dignitaries like the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt. I take this as a positive sign that finally the world has woken up to such methods and are involving the more effective issues of human rights abuse in their dealings with the Islamic regime.

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