Saturday, February 6, 2010

World media taken for a ride ... yet again.

What particularly intrigues me is how the world media (and some governments, unfortunately) are easily swayed and distracted by rudimentary methods used by IRI. This fascistic regime has learned it can divert the attention from its abuses and crimes by merely drumming up some sensitive issue and creating a point of convergence for the eyes of the world, and freely step up its oppression and crack down on its citizens!

Prior to the recent elections, it was Ahmadinejad’s usual rhetoric on the Jewish state, Israel and his stock inane remarks like “wiping it off the map” that created a black hole for the world media, sucking all eyes and ears, even the most experienced and respected journalists’ that illegal closure of independent papers, persecution of any voice of dissent, and general absence of freedom is totally forgotten from everyone’s mind! Larry King’s abysmal interview with Ahamdinejad was just too painful to watch as Mr. King struggled to come to terms with blatant lies uttered while AN looked directly into the camera or at Larry.

Post election events were no exception as the regime incessantly pushed the “nuclear issue” to the fore every time we got near a significant date for the anti-government demonstrations. Be it agreeing to a proposals offered by the west, or suddenly reversing an agreement on Uranium exchange or … . Each occasion coincides with a major date that the green movement adopts for voicing their dissent. And without fail, the world’s attention is diverted to IRI’s childish tantrums, while men and women, young and old are beaten by batons remorselessly and gunned down by the revolutionary guards, basij and other “imported” mercenaries!

Now, as we approach the 22 Bahman and arguably the biggest occasion for both sides to make their case, we see the Islamic regime suddenly make another 180 degree about face and agree with the Uranium exchange proposal! And true to form, most of the attention is converged on this, despite the fact that IRI has come up with absolutely nothing new to the table. … well, except the usual buying time.

And I stand unfazed as I witness the world media behave like utter novices and simpletons, easily tricked by IRI’s cheap sleight of hand.

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